"FREE NOODLE ONLY 6 DOLLA" -Mr. TongWah's famous quote

Mr.TongWah is a mysterious creepy Asian man that is always out on a hunt for Chad. When ever Chadtronic streams Mario Kart 8, He always expects TongWah to be in there somewhere. He also owns Twitter, Twitch, and Youtube accounts.

When TongWah is in a game with Chad, he waits for Chad to catch up to him and throws red shells, spam with the boomerang, etc. He demands "blood" from Chad. TongWah is also seen in the Splatoon streams.

He usually plays as Yellow Yoshi, Larry, His Mii, or White Yoshi (Only when he's Dr.TongWah), inn a P-wing, Leaf Tires, Hylian Kite kart combination. He is rarely seen with the flame rider bike with the same tires and glider. His favorite Tracks are Dragon Driftway, Wii Grumble Volcano, 3DS Phirana Plant Slide, Superbell Subway, 3DS Music Park, and GCN Sherbet Land.

Appearance Edit

TongWah looks about middle aged and has a handle bar mustache, goatee, and is usually wearing a yellow shirt.

                                                 First Appearance: Mario Kart 8 Stream 5/8/15

                                   Latest Appearance: MARIO KART 8!!!!! 4/14/16

Me en Cherdtranik have a 1 on 1 in Mayro Kratt

Me en Cherdtranik have a 1 on 1 in Mayro Kratt

An example of Mr.TongWah destroying Chad


  • Although he seems like a bad guy, he shows respect to the viewers, Nathaniel Bandy and his friend Carl.
  • He has a son named TongWah Jr that never appeared on Stream, only time he made an appearance is on Nathaniel Bandy's 24 Hour stream.
  • He has various Mii's that he uses, an Angry TongWah, Dr.TongWah, and a normal TongWah with shades.
  • He also claims that Green Bronze Luigi and Carl are his sons and that Green Bronze Luigi is "teh smart one".
  • He is Close Friends with Starwin321, LuigiFanPepe, GBL, and a few others.
  • No one knows how TongWah sounds like.
  • His friend list status message is "Free Noodle"
  • Mr.TongWah's catchphrase is "Noodles only $6"
  • Mr.TongWah loves making Mario Maker Levels.
  • Mr.TongWah can't stand MK8's Item balance.
  • Mr.Tongwah has a long and complicated backstory that he has only revealed to his closest Friends.
  • He seems to Be Obsessed with Chad's Blood.
  • His Twitter and Youtube Profile Picture is a pixel version of himself.
  • TongWah got mad at Mario Kart and threw it across the room, He did this because the Game wouldn't put him in with Chad when he had 6 open Spots.
  • TongWah is now a Mod on his Twitch.