Missytronic (or "Misstronic") Is Chadtronic's wife and could sometimes be found playing games with Chad on his let's play channel, ChadtronicGames (now called ChadtronicPokemon.) Her most notable appearance is her participation in the Animal Crossing City Folk Let's Play. She usually acts as his guide, and knows much more about the Animal Crossing Series than him. In some ways, she contributes to the comedy of the Animal Crossing Let's Play, with her constantly laughing at Chad's jokes, and jokingly teasing him about things. She also can be found streaming on Twitch with Chad, usually playing Mario Kart 8.

She appeared in Chadtronic's sponsored video, where they play a mobile app named "Best Fiends" (Video is no longer on the channel.)

The latest video that has featured Missy is 'Chadtronic episode 100 | Reacting to myself'

Trivia Edit

  • Even though it is Chad's Let's play, Missy's Animal Crossing Villager actually was created before Chad's and she was the only one in town for the first couple episodes of the Let's Play.
  • Missy Stated that on the first day she had Animal Crossing City Folk, she had played for hours, when Chad walked into the room and turned the system off, not realizing what he had done until Missy was upset about it.