Mario Teaches Typing for MS-DOS Review is one of the few reviews made by Chadtronic, it it Chad gives his thoughts and critiques towards Mario Teaches Typing for MS-DOS.

According to Chad this video was removed due to a copyright claim by Nintendo of Japan[1], The original upload of the video was claimed sometime in late 2017 or 2018 judging by WayBack Machine archives.


Note: Incomplete Transcript!

Laddies and gentlemen, Chadtronic here once again. Do you guys remember the '90s? Because I know I certainly do and once in a while I like to reminisce on some old nostalgic Computer games. Computer games were beginning to be a popular thing back then, specifically in Schools. I remember the first time I even laid hands on a keyboard to play any sort of kind of Computer game was in School, and Computer games were a really efficient way to teach kinds on how to learn things like History, Math or the Alphabet or whatever have you. So it was becoming to be a really successful market place that was booming, and Nintendo themselves even wanted to cash in on it. So with them and Interplay they pooped out this gem, Mario Teaches Typing. Now does this actually teach children how to type? Or adults? Or does anyone benefit from it at all? Is it fun? Is it more educational? Is it a good mix? Well let's have a look; on the back it says "Mario Teaches Typing. Run, Jump, Swim, Kick- Now You're Learning To Type!"


The words 'RUN' appear as Chad is running

Then the words 'JUMP' appear as Chad is jumping

I'm learning to type! I'm learning to type!

Then the words 'KICK' appear as Chad is kicking

I'm learning to type

Then the words 'SWIM' appear as Chad is swimming in a bath tub

I'm learning to type! I'm learning to type!



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