Brett, better known as Kazoo Kid, is a kid appears in You on Kazoo and Ring-Along Sing-Along.

Profile Edit

Kazoo Kid appears in You on Kazoo and Ring-Along Sing-Along. He is portrayed by Brett Ambler. He has yellow hair and wears a blue shirt. He can also play the kazoo and bells.

You on Kazoo Edit

Brett’s first appearance, he is the main protagonist of You on Kazoo. In this video, he plays with his friends and the Pretend Spirit. This video reveals that he gets nervous around other kids.

Ring-Along Sing-Along Edit

Brett appears a second time (third time in the series), looking older. He is going through puberty, proven by his voice crack in one of the songs. Instead of playing the Kazoo, this video proves he can play the bells. This video proves his name is Brett.

Trivia Edit

  • Ring-Along Sing-Along was considered lost media for a while, until a channel called Special Friend uploaded the lost video.

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