Evan "ETGroundwar" Pischel is one of Chad's friends. Evan joins Chad on ChadtronicGames in a show called "Adventure Bros". Evan also runs his own channel, where he plays video games and reviews apps. He also accompanies Chad in a few of his livestreams, some including Splatoon, Trove, etc.

Appearance Edit

Evan has blackish brown hair and a beard. In his avatar, he is seen with stubble.

Trivia Edit

  • Evan has not played a Sonic game since the Sega Genesis.
  • Evan is afraid of John Cena.
  • Evan owns a hedgehog named "Oatmeal".
  • Evan is seen in Chad's Podcasts.
  • On Chad's livestream which has been live broadcast on February 19, 2018, Chad says Evan is very busy with his projects which would explain why he has been M.I.A.
  • Evan tends to make fun of characters from Sonic '06, such as Silver and Mephiles (Mefephiles).
    • He also mimics Shadow's voice whenever he talks.

Gallery Edit