"Where's the chicken? WHERE'S THE CHICKEN?"- Chadtronic, FNAF 1 Let's Play
This page has information about all of ChadtronicGames Let's Plays.

Fan Games Edit

The first ChadtronicGames (then know as Chadtronic Adventures) Let's Plays consisted of Chad playing fan games. One of the videos was a re-upload from his Chadtronic Channel. The games he played include a "Find the Amiibo" game, and one where he destroyed Nintendo's HQ.

Single-Episode Games Edit

There are a couple of videos were Chadtronic only plays a game once, like Supra Mayro Kratt and Sanic Ball, based on memes. He also references many memes in those videos.

Paper Mario 3D Land Edit

In this Let's Play, Chad plays Paper Mario 3D Land in this 5-part series. Chad did not play the whole game because he heard people say it was "very hard". Chad also missed very many Green Stars in his Let's Play and once did not get to continue to the next level because he did not collect enough Green Stars.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Edit

In Chad's Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Let's Play, Chad played on Dolphin Emulator and not the offcial Steam version. He said he used Dolphin because the Steam version would crash after 5 minutes of recording. In this Let's Play, Chad played the Hero Story portion of the game. He also went and found Chao during the levels. Chad also did a 2-part Chao Garden Let's Play, as seen below. The Let's Play is 6 episodes long.

Sonic '06 (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006) Edit

In this let's play, Chad plays the horrible reboot of a beloved franchise, Sonic '06! (Fun fact, the game he has has been owned by 3 other people and they all sold it, due to the game.) He plays the Sonic portion of the game. Throughout this let's play, his friend Evan joins him and watches the horror unfold.