"Hey Everybody, I'm Brutalmoose...the one that Chad was talking about a second ago" -Brutalmoose

Brutalmoose is an American YouTuber and friend of Chadtronic. He mainly does reviews of old PC games.

Parents Upset Over Hacked Runescape Account

Parents Upset Over Hacked Runescape Account

He officially became "canon" in Chadtronic's cinematic universe in Chad's video: "Parents Upset Over Hacked Runescape Account".

Videos with Chadtronic Edit

"Customers fiiiirst~Thanks for having me on the show, Chad, it was a lot of fun!" -Brutalmoose comment on "Customers First"

Brutalmoose first appeared in "Parents Upset over Hacked Runescape Account" for a short period, playing Runescape and saying "Man, this game owns!". He was also in Chad's video "Customers First", reacting with Chad.

Customers First (ft

Customers First (ft. Brutalmoose)