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• 11/29/2018

I've removed all traces of Beef-related edits that I could find

Somebody thought it'd be funny to put edits in detailing about Chad's obession with beef that he doesn't have. It should be all gone now, but be sure to remove any if you find one I missed, or if they come back.

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• 6/10/2018
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• 1/2/2018

Happy 2018!

Happy 2018 fricks
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 10/30/2016

Should we add a "Memes" category?

There are plenty of memes among Chad's videos, with the likes of the smashed lamp, sonic flavoured ice cream, and bootleg bumpin' Mario, so why not document them?
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• 8/19/2016
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• 2/4/2016

Chadtronic Imposter!

Guys! there was a Chadtronic Imposter (Link to the imposter is Here) i actually thought he was real, untill Glitchy Pikachu told me and pointed out how he was a fake
1. The Account has Chad's persenol info like what city he lives in and Chad doesn't like that info being put on the internet
2.His profile picture is the red one from late 2015 rather than his current blue 2016 one
3. He makes alot of grammar and error mistakes unlike Chadtronic
I just wanted to point that out, fortunately, i blocked him.
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• 11/4/2015

An Update

Hello, can we please improve existing articles instead of adding new ones? Quality of quantity.
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• 11/3/2015

Ideas for Future Badges (Poll)

Today, for Badges Request, here is a poll for what you want to see for the "Locations" badges.

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})   Location Badge Poll 0 0 Chadtronic 1 Sammy 1 Meme (please specify below) 0 Other (please specify below) 2 The poll was created at 23:11 on November 3, 2015, and so far 4 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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• 8/23/2015

What pages should we add or improve?

We need to improve some pages and add some. If you have your own, please reply them.
Improve pages:
Main Page (page you go to when you go to the site)
Pages that should be added:
Nintendo Amiibo Commerical
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• 8/20/2015

My thoughts on the Wiki

Hey guys! Bruss here and I just wanted to say that this wiki is coming along very nicely! I love adding to the pages and interacting with you guys. I really have no idea how to use this site, all I pretty much know how to do is add pictures and add text, but you learn the more you practice, so that's what I'll do.
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• 8/18/2015

Bad News

I some how removed the homepage of the chadtronic wiki Please for give me and Please don't ban me)
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• 8/17/2015

I have a question...

Should we make wiki pages on individual Chadtronic Reaction videos?
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• 8/16/2015

How can we improve Chadtronic Wiki?

Hi, I'm a new user. I'm going to help out and such! I think one way of improving is telling Chadtronic on twitter about this! Plus, we should at trivia and subtitles! Any more ideas? Feel free to share!
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